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Sign Up OpenAI and try on ChatGPT

Sign Up

It’s not easy to create the account on OpenAI due to the restriction. You need the VPN to access the network and also need a number in other country. However, you can use the sms-activate to receive the activate code.

When your acount is ready, you can login OpenAI to play.


The OpenAI playground is a good product,

We can try the OpenAI with the Playground, select the Q&A Mode and it will come up a template. Let’s ask some questions:

You can select different mode and model:

What’s more, the OpenAI can generate the code to all the API, so we can automate the way to use OpenAI:


The most popular product of OpenAI is ChatGPT, the link to open is:

Then it will show as below:

We can start the conversation with typing the question in the box, and it come up the good answers:

The ChatGPT also support multiple languages, I tried with Chinese, the answers are the same:

I hope OpenAI will provide the API for ChatGPT, that would be much funny.