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Best free tools for HTTP API Testing

Best free tools for HTTP API Testing

As a backend developer, we always need to do the API test. This article will introduce more than 10 tools to help us for HTTP API testing.


SoapUI has lived for a long time, especially for Web Services(SOAP API).

ReadyAPI is the Pro version, it has more features but expensive.


Postman is a awesome API test tool, it manages the API with Collections. It’s also easy to manage environment, variables and response. We can also trigger the API in Collections level.

Apache JMeter

jMeter is written by Java. It’s also easy to manage the environment and variables. It’s the best tool to do the performance test. It can run as UI or command line with generating the test report.


httpie is a beautiful API test tool. We can use the web page tool or download the desktop client. What’s more, command line tool is provided.

The client can render the html response:

AI feature:


Swagger is always integrated into the Java application to provide a swagger UI. People can get the information of the API and test.


Hoppscotch is an open source API development ecosystem. It’s lightweight and fast. You can deploy to any server you want.


Apifox is a Chinese tool support API docs, debugging, mock, and automation test. You can use the web-based or client. You need to pay for on-prem deployment.

VSCode REST Client

REST Client is a VSCode plugin for HTTP request test. It’s so friendly and easy to use.


BTW, the IDEA also provide similar feature for http request test.


REST NG is an automation test tool but need to sign up to use.


Hurl is a command-line tool:

If it’s not allowed to install, you can use curl.

In Summary

There are so many tools available for API testing, such asInsomnia, ThunderClient. But I think the key is design and implementation of the API.